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36 teachers, 66 student peer leaders for HRE

The  serene campus of Don Bosco Navajeevan Campus, Ramanthapur played host for three days from 8th to 10th August to 36 teachers and 66 students from 24 schools across the state of Andhra Pradesh. They were there as part of the three days residential training programme of Human Rights Education being conducted by People’s Action For Rural Awakening.

The number adds to the 42 teachers and 110 students that got trained during the summer holidays at the Ekalavaya Training Centre, Ravulapalem. Together they form the new generation of brave hearts willing to make differences a  reason for celebration and not exclusion and  discrimination. Celebrating Differences is the theme of the Human Rights Education Programme being run by PARA.

These 78 teachers and 176 student will do their mite to contribute to make possible a human culture and  another world that is possible.

HRE Camp to be conducted at Ramanthapur – Hyderabad

The HRE Camp for the children in different schools and teachers will be conducted at Ramanthapur, Hyderabad.

This camp is conducted to educate the young minds on the various issues related to Human RIghts in line with the “World Programme of Human Rights Education”  being implemented in 150 schools in the state of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

This program will be conducted by PARA and IHRE together

Accidental Death of a Visionary Teacher

Ramakrishna, Hails from a Fisherman Family in Uppada (A a village in the coast of Bay of Bengal in East Godavaru District of Andhra Pradesh, most famous for the disaster caused by Tsunami).  It is not a common practice in these Fisherman families to send their children for Higher studies mostly because of their poverty and several other causes of Livelihood, Backwardness etc. But Ramakrishna successfully wade through all these problems and completed his Graduation.

With a view to educate the children of this community and bring awareness: He started working with PARA and Bosco Seva Kendra and run a Bridge School in Uppada. At times there are 100-120 children attending his classes.

Normally after the Evening classes, some of the children sleep in his house itself. on the 8th June, in the similar manner 5 of the children remained in the house of Ramakrishna after their Class. A short Circuit had occured in the Night and it lead to the death of 5 people (Ramakrishna and 4 other children). The Lone survivor of the accident Kodanda, has 50% burns on his body.

A visionary teacher had passed away. however he’ll be remembered in the hearts of his students and countrymen for his efforts to uplift their community by way of education.

Bravo! Ramakrishna…. wherever you are … We from PARA assure to continue the good work you have participated.

The below is the news from a Local News Paper describing the Accident:ImageHandler9ImageHandler10

Humiliated Girl sets herself on fire


This is the story of a 15 year old girl studying 9th Class, who set herself on fire after the village elders gave a judgement against her.

On the 1st of June, when Venkatalakshmi (The victim) was in her house alone around 11.00 AM P.Subrahmanyam, aged 20 years (The Accused) had overpowered the girl and had raped her. Venkatalakshmi had informed this to her parents and the parents went to the village elders for judgement on the 2nd June.

The Village elders gave a judgement in favour of the Accused (Subrahmanyam) by saying The Victim went into the house of the Accused and had stolen Rs.6,000.00 from the Accused house and in the judgement copy it was also mentioned that the victim family has to pay Rs.3,000.00 as a compensation for the theft.

Venkatalakshmi came to know of this on 3rd June. Because of the Humiliation caused to her, on the same day (3rd June 2009) she had set herself on fire by pouring kerosine and had suffered 90% burns.

From the PARA Gender Desk, Sesha Ratnam , Nagur , Vimala, Chinna Babu had gone to the victims’ place for fact finding and had succeeded in filing an FIR in the local police station.

The saddest part, The Girl died on the night of 6th June 2009. The Girl would not have died had the Village elders, given her the justice. Even if the justice is not given had the village elders not been so unjust A lifw would have been saved.

We at PARA demand that the village elders who are responsible for this be arrested

May the Girl’s Soul rest in Peace.

Godavari Child Rights Forum General Body Meeting to be held on 11th July 2009

The Godavari Child Rights Forum General Body Meeting will be held on 11th June 2009.

Do attend the meeting without fail to strengthen the forum.

Date                 11th July 2009
Time                 10.00 hrs
Venue               Ekalavya Training Centre / PARA Campus/ Ravulapalem

Agenda for the GBM

  • Annual Report
  • Audit Statement
  • Appointment of Auditor
  • Appointment of New Coordinator
  • Admission of New  members
  • Plans for the coming year
  • Any Other

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Human Rights Education – Summer Camp in Andhra Pradesh held at PARA-Ravulapalem


The 5-day summer camp for the HRE  teachers and students in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India was conducted from 30th May to 3rd June 2009. Undoubtedly the camp will be etched in the memory of all those who participated. The students requested to conduct more such camps so that more of their friends also could participate. The teachers also exppressed similar feelings. Fr. Thomas Paliithanam was always there at the camp, guiding us to facilitate the smooth running of the camp. The resource team was very much appreciated. The facilitators team also did an excellent job!
The teachers’ programme also went on successfully.

In all 111 selected HRE students from the whole of Andhra Pradesh, 52 Teachers from the various parts of the state and 40 odd NGO Representatives actively participated in the 5 day program held at the Ekalavya Training Centre, PARA – Ravulapalem, East Godavari Dist. The HRE Team comprising Ch.Venkat- State Coordinator , K.Jose – Associate Coordinator with the help of a dozen Bosco Seva Kendra Volunteers and a team of professional resource persons well guided by Fr.Pallithanam Thomas – Director, PARA and the entire PARA Staff was the team behind the successful execution of  camp.

The Student campers had the entire program focussing on their Leadership skills including refusal skills so as to enable them to get back to their schools and efficiently contribute to the formation and managing of the Children’s Clubs to take forward Human Rights Education (HRE).

The Teachers were given input on the relation between UNO and HRE, Social Analysis, Counselling as a method to take HRE forward etc., Discussions were held on the different aspects concerning different forms of DISCRIMINATION – the subject of the 3rd Module of HRE.

For more details about the camp click here.