The New Year 2019 Beckons us to Equality


Gender Desk

a. Gender Interventions

Gender interventions have evolved from the Bahujan Desk and addresses distress calls from
girls and women who face harassment, abuse, domestic violence or sexual abuse. Efforts
are to resolve issues amicably so that equality of all people, and particularly gender equality,
is established as the foundation of justice. People are also guided to approach local elders
and panchayat leaders, the police, the CWC or the courts. Though PARA involvement is
limited to Konaseema, people come from the entire East Godavari District and beyond.

b. Gender Empowerment Project

Understanding the effectiveness of our Gender Advocacy approach, and seeing the urgency
to create a more girl and women rights friendly and gender equal society, a special Gender
Project has been initiated on 1 st June 2018. It is limited to the three Konaseema Mandals of
Ravulapalem, Athreyapuram and Kothapeta. Besides the Gender intervention programmes
of the Gender Desk, the focus here will be the organisation and capacity building of the
stakeholders. It is expected that the three mandals will witness less domestic violence and
sexual abuse. Further, the women and concerned men will participate in ensuring these
processes continue systematically until the objective of no violence or sexual abuse and
greater equality are realised.