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List of Students - Records Found.

Student Name Designation Gender & Caste Mobile Email
A Kavitha Monitoring GL Female / ST
A Kavitha Member Male / ST
Abhilash Member Male / ST
D Bhannu Vice President Male / SC
D Swetha Member Female / ST
D Vani Member Female / BC
G Abishek Member Male / BC
G santhosh Cultural GL Male / BC
G santhosh Member Male / BC
K Jyothi Member Female / ST
K Swapna Member Female / ST
K Umesh Media AGL Male / BC
L Venkatesh Treasurer Male / ST
M Sirisha Member Female / ST
M Srilatha Gender AGL Female / BC
M Srilatha Member Female / BC
M Sunitha Study GL Female / BC
M Sunitha Member Female / BC
Maheswari Child Rights AGL Female / BC
Maheswari Member Female / BC
N Deepthi Secretary Female / SC
N Kalyani Cultural AGL Female / ST
N Kalyani Member Female / ST
N Sirisha Gender GL Female / ST
P Anusha President Female / SC
Ramulu Member Male / BC
S Sai Teja Member Male / OC
Sai Kumar Monitoring AGL Male / ST
Sai Kumar Member Male / ST
Santhosh Media GL Male / BC
Santhosh Member Male / BC
Saza Begum Member Female / OC
Sri Devi Member Female / OC
Sunitha Member Female / BC
T Rajinikanth Member Male / SC
Uma Shankar Member Male / SC
V Sai Kumar Study AGL Male / BC
V Sai Kumar Member Male / BC
Yadagiri Child Rights GL Male / BC
Yadagiri Member Male / BC