Accidental Death of a Visionary Teacher

Ramakrishna, Hails from a Fisherman Family in Uppada (A a village in the coast of Bay of Bengal in East Godavaru District of Andhra Pradesh, most famous for the disaster caused by Tsunami).  It is not a common practice in these Fisherman families to send their children for Higher studies mostly because of their poverty and several other causes of Livelihood, Backwardness etc. But Ramakrishna successfully wade through all these problems and completed his Graduation.

With a view to educate the children of this community and bring awareness: He started working with PARA and Bosco Seva Kendra and run a Bridge School in Uppada. At times there are 100-120 children attending his classes.

Normally after the Evening classes, some of the children sleep in his house itself. on the 8th June, in the similar manner 5 of the children remained in the house of Ramakrishna after their Class. A short Circuit had occured in the Night and it lead to the death of 5 people (Ramakrishna and 4 other children). The Lone survivor of the accident Kodanda, has 50% burns on his body.

A visionary teacher had passed away. however he’ll be remembered in the hearts of his students and countrymen for his efforts to uplift their community by way of education.

Bravo! Ramakrishna…. wherever you are … We from PARA assure to continue the good work you have participated.

The below is the news from a Local News Paper describing the Accident:ImageHandler9ImageHandler10