The New Year 2019 Beckons us to Equality

Networking and Advocacy: JPC/SSF

PARA has its limitations in the face of the enormous task of social transformation. Hence
every desk collaborates with other like-minded organisations and networks. Networking
started in 1989 when PARA joined with others to form the Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya
Cooleela Samakhya. PARA joins hands with other regional, national and international
networks such as Wada Na Todo Abhian (WNTA). PARA, along with these groups, keeps
track of events like UPR -3 reports at the UN that monitors the human rights track record of
the country. The Director of PARA, Fr Thomas Pallithanam, has now shifted to New York to
follow up the networking for human rights at the international fora.

In 2006 PARA was accepted as the Justice and Peace Centre of the Hyderabad Province.
Efforts are being initiated to involve the Salesian communities with the activities of PARA,
especially with regards to Human Rights Education and Clubs. PARA works in tandem with
the Province Justice and Peace Commission and Oota-Wellsprings, the Province centre for
Psycho-Social Services. PARA collaborates with the Salesian Social Forum that connects
Salesian Social Activists in India.