The New Year 2019 Beckons us to Equality

The Need

Do you know that there are families (comprising of four or more persons) still in this region which live with less than Rs.300.00 per month ($ 7.50 or € 5.00). There are hundreds of such families in our areas of operation.

No proper food to eat, no sanitation, not allowed to get the good drinking water from the main village pond, not allowed to send their children to school and even if they do so, the children are also not allowed to sit along with the other children…. if we go on saying there comes no full stop for this.

This is the real situation of the Dalits of the region. Dalits or Sudras are the lowest sects of Varna (or the Caste) system of society built up by the Manu Sutra. Even worse there are days when the Dalits were to tie a Palm Leaf behind their backs, So that their shadow does not make the soil unholy.

Today, at the present juncture, the main needs of these people are the food, employment, education and an equitable status in the society. We at PARA aim to provide all these to the so called “unwanted people” or the “People of God” (Harijans) and make them equally compete with any other person of the society.

Fighting for land to these people and ensuring minimum wages are paid, Education and Awareness programs, Standing for their rights, providing a Financially back bone were some of our activities that we do to enhance and brighten up these people’s living.

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