RTI Act Celebration

Last 13th October we held the Celebration of the 11th anniversary of Right to Information Act 2005. The program took place at our Ekalvya Training Centre (Ravulapalem) and was an excellent opportunity to create awareness, recall for upcomin14753873_10154739982198729_4428152253662076448_og challenges and congratulate ourselves for the successes achieved so far. In this regard, we reminded the vital importance roles of the activists who help out individuals and also hold government to accountability. This are the new martyrs of today, even as the soldiers guard our frontiers against foreign aggression, these warriors wage a relentless battle against corruption and domestic despoliation. In the last 10 years of the RTI, 39 have lost their lives and over 279 grievously wounded.

Among the public there were the children of our human rights clubs filing RTIs on that day regarding their entitlements for health and education, carrying on a trend they had set in 2013. The different interventions pointed out the role of transparency in relation to the health of the Administration, the importance of the Act to redress the informational gap existing between Government and the common citizen and the necessity to continue spreading their content through the population. For that purpose we made a peacefully and stirring rally from PARA headquarters to the centre of Ravulapalem.