Hope Island

It is important to look back and remembering the little victories we had achieved in our way. That gives us more strength for coming dares and is what we did last week in the good company of our old friend Father Anthony who was working with PARA long time ago. In 2005 he went to Hope Island with the purpose of reporting the local necessities and implementing adequate measures. In his one and a half year stance in the community, PARA constructed the elementary school, the water tank and was able to provide nets as well as solar panels for each family.

We did not just remember all those good times, but we went back to Hope Island to meet the fishermen and see if the social seed planted 10 years ago was growing healthy. Unfortunately, in the talks with the villagers and walks on the surroundings it was demonstrated that little steps had been taken since PARA’s project finalized and that more efforts must be taken from the Government.

In the way back to the continent we had the common and bitter sensation that progress left people behind.