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Empowerment of Divyangs: Teachers’ MLC Declares his Commitment

To empower Divyangs, People’s Action for Rural Awakening organised a Parents’ Meeting at PARA, Ravulapalem on June 28, 2019. The chief guest for the programme was East and West Godavari Districts MLC Illa Venkateshwar Rao.

Introducing the newly elected Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) from the Teachers’ Constituency to the participants, DAPC and Liliane Fonds Coordinator, B Subbayamma, appreciated his simplicity. She said that the council member does not haveany police escort and travels by RTC services.

The DAPC underlined that the vital role of the government in the empowerment and development of Divyangs. As per “The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill – 2016”there are 21 types of disabilities compared to the 7 listed in the 1995 Act. The Act speaks of equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation of Divyangs.

DAPC committee members submitted a memorandum demanding: 1) Facilities like ramps and washrooms convenient to disabled people at schools and colleges, 2) Multiple disabled option be included in the Sadaram certificate, 3) Allowing earlier students with comparatively lesser marks to be eligible for Group-4 exams and 4) Withdrawal of the A single pension for a single ration card policy and support of each Divyang regardless of the number of Divyangs in a family.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Venkateswar Rao said that he neither belongs to ruling nor opposition parties, I belong to “people’s party” and work for the development of people. He added that he would speak for disabled people in Legislative Council and if need be he would “fight” outside the council. The council member asked the participants to give a written representation of their demands. He later distributed books and bags to disabled children and a sewing machine to the parents as part of Income Generating Programme (IGP).

PARA Director Fr Ignatius said that it was a joy to be able to work with the Divyangs and appreciated the families who cared for them with great commitment.

Awareness on government schemes for differently-abled people

On December 10, 2018, 70th International Human Rights Day was celebrated at Chinthaluru village in Alamuru Mandal of East Godavari District in a very special way. The village president, G. Venkata Narayana Murthy and others observed Differently-Abled People’s Day to understand their rights as people with disabilities.

The programme was animated by Ms. Subbayamma, Liliane Fonds Project Coordinator at PARA, Ravulapalem. She began with a discussion on the etymology of the word differently able. Earlier the word handicapped was being used. This word originated in the late 15th century. King Henry VII of England had asked the disabled veterans to make a living with their ‘cap in hand’, begging for coins. Today the situation has changed. We look at people from a rights perspective. We are not depending on the mercies of the rulers or anyone else. Every citizen has a set of rights which others need to respect. The so-called handicapped, were first seen as those who are disabled, then as physically or mentally challenged, and now as those with different abilities. Now in India, we refer to them as Divyang.

The project coordinator took the opportunity to create awareness on government schemes for differently-abled people and also how they could avail them online. The Mandal Self Help Groups Assistant Programme Manager who was also present, informed the gathering that they could form group of 10 people and save some money, unlike others who need to have 30 members in a group. Once the group was formed the members have the right to receive loans from the government. The village president G Venkata Narayana Murthy, a Divyang, promised that he would do everything in his capacities to help the differently-abled people in the mandal.

Around 35 differently-abled persons participated in the event. The day brought great joy to the group and their families to see life from a very positive and hope-filled perspective. Kudos to the organisers of this unique event.