Youth Seminar to commemmorate the 150 years of SDB at PARA

Ravulapalem, Jan. 29.Based on the Don Bosco words of “It is enough for you to be young for me to love you very much“ A seminar is organised at PARA for the young. The relevance of the works of PARA with young Dalits was emphasised in a Don Bosco way.

A total of 100+ youngsters when they came out of the conference Hall were joyful and determined.

Commemmorating the 150 years of Don Bosco Society world wide a seminar was organised for the youth at PARA. This seminar was aimed at teaching the young of the Don Boscoan Philosophy and the Preventive System.

Mr.Gode Prasad, Project Director, CRAF and Mr.Sudheer , Coordinator, DISHA acted as the main resource persons of the seminar. Mr.Gode Prasad linked up the need of Don Bosco during the Industrial Revolution and the current situation of the young in India today.Later, During the afternoon session, Mr.Sudheer and team put them to focus on to their careers. DISHA team also shared of the placement opportunities that they are coming out with.

A short video of the salesian presence in India and the World was shown to them to conclude with.

One can see the determination to succeed in their lifes on their faces when they are coming out after the seminar ended