‘Special needs of differently-able children neglected’

March 21, 2018 saw different type of day at ZPHS Boys High School, Ravulapalem. Differently Able People’s Collective (DAPC) Coordinator Subbayamma along with the CHAI-LF State Programme Coordinator G Jagan conducted “We Ring the Bell” programme. This was part of a larger campaign to make the voice of differently-abled children reach hundreds and thousands of people around and, through them to take the special needs of the differently-abled people to the notice of the government.
On this occasion, Ms. Subbayamma shared with the staff and children information on the very large number of drop-outs from among the differently-abled children. The reason for these children dropping out was that high schools were not differently-abled children-friendly. She pointed out that the special children need ramps to reach the class room, special toilets, and other requirements according to their conditions. These were not being provided in schools. There was a constant neglect of the needs of these children.
Kota Challayya MPP, P Vijaya Lakshmi president, School Education Committee chairperson, Ward members and others were present on the occasion. They appreciated the information given and saw the urgency of remedying the situation.
DAPC is a department of People’s Action for Rural Awakening (PARA) at Ravulapalem. PARA has conducted the campaign “We Ring the Bell” and other campaigns under the DAPC banner and the Human Rights Clubs across the two Telugu States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In these campaigns 3,731 students have participated.